I hope as you view my work, the images will bring a smile to your face and encourage you to brighten a space in your home, office, or exam rooms.


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Some of Our Clients
  • Providence Emergency Department
  • Providence Medical Clinic
  • Kids Clinic
  • Southern Oregon Pediatrics
  • New Heights Christian School
  • Sonshine Early Learning Center
  • Barnstormer Vintage Fair
  • Higs Gym
  • First Baptist Church — Washington
  • Valley Nazarene
  • Jewett Elementary
  • Bear Creek Pediatric Dentistry
  • Timber Kids Dentistry
  • New Hope Christian Church
  • Community Bible Church
  • Northside Church — California
  • Richland Baptist- Washington
  • Salida First Baptist — Colorado
  • Posada de Amor Orphanage — Peru
  • Purely His Inc.